Forbes articles

I write about hedge funds, distressed investing and women in finance as a contributor for Forbes. It is a column for both dilettantes and practitioners, with a loosely-inspired Sex and The City tone.

A September To Remember: Does Evergrande Feel Like Lehman? (September 2021)
Goldman Sachs’ Analysts Want Their Lives Back (March 2021)
The Retail Traders Revolution: Why They Are Not Clueless Video Game Addicts (January 2021)
A Twist In Style: How Distressed And Bankruptcy Investing Is Different This Time (January 2021)
Barbarians At The Gate II: Rise Of The Second Sex (December 2020)
Are Republican Presidents Good for Stocks? (November 2020)
Are Hedge Funds Too Big To Beat The S&P? (October 2020)

Other publications

Financial Times, September 2020: Are Markets in a Bubble Because Traders Live in One?
LinkedIn, May 2020: Conscious Uncoupling in the Time of Corona
CreditFlux, Sept 2018: Batting Averages and Board Rooms: What can statistics tell us about investment team diversity?
BusinessInsider, Feb 2018: Lack of Diversity in Hedge Funds