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Dominique Mielle tells the story of her hedge fund career with humor and élan, in a way that illuminates both twenty years of hedge fund history and what it took to be one of the few women of her generation to reach the top ranks of finance.” 
Professor Jonathan Levin, Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business
“This is a witty and wise story of a woman who found success and satisfaction working as an investor in the pointy-end of the finance industry—hedge funds. Dominique tells it all, in a way that entertains and inspires both the veteran investor and the aspiring novice.” 
Amanda Pullinger, Chief Executive Officer of 100 Women in Finance.
“Former Canyon Partners portfolio manager and partner Dominique Mielle has written a book, a memoir of her career in the hedge fund industry, but also a cri de coeur, explaining why she was both Canyon’s only female PM and only female partner, as asking why that would probably still be the case today. ” DealBreaker, September 2021
A witty and inspiring must-read primer on hedge funds. To any woman considering a finance career, and to anyone invested or interested in hedge funds…read this book.”  Mariam Naficy, founder and CEO of minted.
“A funny account of the inner workings of the hedge fund industry from a unique female voice, helpful to both asset management practitioners and aspiring investment professionals.” Simon Lack, Author of “The Hedge Fund Mirage” Founder of SL Advisors and the JPMorgan Incubator
“With her impeccable style, good humor, and an immigrant’s common sense, Dominique Mielle treats us to her story—how she made money, and her mark, as one of the country’s few women hedge fund investors. A funny, fearless frolic.”  Meridee Moore, Founder and CIO of Watershed Asset Management and Board Member of BlackRock Capital
“Mielle offers an insider’s view of what it’s like to be a woman hedge fund manager in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by men. Over a twenty-year career, she describes rising through the ranks to Partner of a $24 billion hedge fund complex with a combination of intelligence, hard work, and an unwillingness to be minimized by genderism.” Scott Richland, CIO of the California Institute of Technology endowment

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