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A witty and inspiring must-read primer on hedge funds. To any woman considering a finance career, and to anyone invested or interested in hedge funds…read this book.” 
— Mariam Naficy, founder and CEO of minted.

One of the first woman traders in the hedge fund industry has written a lively and witty memoir that captures what it’s like to work – and succeed – in the male-dominated eat-what-you-kill profession.” 
— Hedge Fund Alert (August 25)

The hedge fund industry is a boys’ club. In 1998, I joined Canyon Partners—a small, little-known hedge fund. The job was trading distressed securities and high yield bonds, known before we glamorized the terms as vulture investing and junk bonds. My colleagues were almost exclusively men.
Over the span of two decades, I rose to the top of the firm as the only female partner and senior portfolio manager in what became one of the largest hedge funds in the U.S. 
Damsel in Distressed, the first hedge fund memoir written by a woman, exposes the inner workings of the industry over the last twenty years, likely the golden age of hedge funds. The book offers a unique perspective on how competition, technology, data, volatility and regulations transformed the investing landscape forever—and reveals what it takes to succeed as a woman investor.

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